Quick and Easy Way to Contact DHL Customer Care

About DHL

DHL is one of the leading logistics company in the world. The company has been in existence since 1969 when it was founded. The company was founded by three people and the name DHL is derived from the first letter of each of their last names. The founders are Adrian Daisey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. The company has presence in over 200 countries all over the world.

Services offered by DHL

The services offered by DHL are international shipping, packaging and Courier services. In international shipping the company has what they call the express shipping service. Here you are able to send your parcels and goods to the countries that offer the service. DHL international shipping is done either by plane, train or by ship. This is dependent on the kind of goods that you need delivered. In the courier service they have what is known as the DHL parcel and DHL ecommerce. In this option one is able to deliver parcels locally or internationally. They also offer shipping of products purchased on ecommerce sites like Amazon and EBay to the require destinations. Local deliveries are done by vehicle or train. The company is also now offering supply chain solutions for different companies. In this they will start from the plan, they source for what you want, have It manufactured and they deliver it to your doorstep.

Why contact DHL customer service

There could be a varied number of reasons why one would want to contact DHL customer service. One of those reasons is to enquire if they have services in your country. This means that if you want to know whether DHL is available where you are, you can contact their customer service and they will look it up for you. If they are not in your country then you will not be able to receive goods through them. The other reason to contact them could be to enquire on their charges. The charges depend on the weight and nature of what you are shipping or delivering.
By contacting the customer care you can have a quote given to you so that you can know how much would be expected of you in terms of expenses. You may also need to know where your cargo or parcel is at any particular time. Therefore you can be able to track your parcel at any particular time. You can also contact the customer service if you have not been issued with a tracking number or if you have any security issues with accessing their online platforms. You may also contact them if something goes wrong and you need to claim lost or damaged goods. For any of these and more services you can call DHL customer service on the number above.

What should you have before contacting DHL customer service UK

Before you contact the customer service make sure that you can fully describe yourself as required by the customer representative. One of the basic questions you might be needed to answer is if you are receiving or sending a shipment. Then they will know how to direct you based on that. If you are sending a shipment then more details will be required of you. This is almost all the details you used when sending the shipment. For instance you could be asked to identify yourself by giving your basic info like name, physical address, country and telephone number. After that then you could be asked for the invoice details, payment details and the tracking number that you were given for your shipment. Make sure that you therefore preserve your shipment information well with you. The shipment information is contained in the proof of shipment that you are given when

What can I not send using DHL

Due to security reasons some products may not be send by DHL. Examples include firearms, hazardous goods and biological samples. Other goods that cannot be accepted include live animals because, fur and antiques. Some of these goods if sent may be hazardous to people or they could bring loses to the company because of many irrational claims. For instance shipping antiques can be a real problem considering how easily they can damage and it could be difficult to put a reasonable value on them.

What is the guarantee on the delivery time issued

DHL will always give you a timeframe in which you should expect your goods to be delivered. This starts from 2 days and goes up depending on how far the goods have to go and what method is being used. For instance goods travelling by air will get to their destination in about 3 days while a ship may take several months to its destination.

Which Is The Best Contact Number For UK Visas and Immigration Customer Care Services?

The contact number for UK Visas and Immigration is 0844-776-9681. The firm’s website says that calls made to 084 numbers will have a calling rate of 7p/min exclusive of your providers call rates.
UK Visas and Immigration is an agency that is situated in the UK. It was created to replace the superseded UK Border Agency (UKBA). It also replaced several other related agencies in the UK. UK Visas and Immigration or UKVI is an agency whose main role revolves around the applying for working visas, applications for British Citizenship and immigration visas. The agency was started in the 2013 and have over 7,500 individual employees.
The agency is mainly responsible when it comes to those deciding on who has the right to stay and visit the country every year. It emphasizes on the national security and customer satisfaction for those who visit the UK legally. UKVI also plays a huge role in applications from educational institutions and businesses when they want to become sponsors for foreign nationals.

Getting in Touch with a Customer Care Service Agent at UK Visas and Immigration

As a customer at UKVI, one can be able to request customer care services by simply using their contact number. The company offer customers services five days a week. Between Monday and Thursday, the customer support team is available from 9AM to 5PM. On Fridays the customer care lines are open from 9AM to 4:30Pm. During the holidays, the hours may vary as suggested above. For best assistance, one needs to call within the hour they are available so as to get help that they need. If one has an issue related to border enforcement, one will be required Immigration Enforcement Organization.
Factors That You Need To Keep In Mind When You Want To Talk To a Customer Care Agent
There various things that you need to observer as a client so as to get eh best support services. Some of the things that you can do include the following:
• UKVI is an agency that is based in the UK. With this in mind, the contact number above is applicable to those who are residing inside the United Kingdom. If one is outside the UK, they will need to find an alternative support staff contact so as to talk to an agent immediately. The system for those not residing in the UK is quite different, so one cannot use the UKVI contact above.
• When calling the customer care number, you need to have all the necessary details related to your visa. When you have all the necessary info, you will be able to speed up the process of receiving the necessary solution for your queries.
• If you are calling the customer care team on behalf of another individual, related to sponsorship or application of visa, one needs to have all the various information. This will allow for easier assistance by the customer care representative.
With these important things to keep in mind, you will be able to definitely get the support services that you need related to UKVI matters.


As a European citizen, can I use the UKVI contact number or I need to use a different one?
If you are an individual in the UK, one can use the number above to get in touch the uk visas and immigration contact agency support staff. However, if you are an individual that is an EEA national/EU or calling on matter related to EEA/EU, you need to use a different contact number. In the agencies website you will be able to get the right EU customer care contact number.

Has there been any chance to my rights after the British referendum to leave the EU?

Since the 28th of February, 2017, nothing has been changed to matter concerning your rights or your status as an EU national residing in the United Kingdom. This is also the same thing for UK nationals that are residing in the EU. The British referendum has not altered anyone’s rights.
UKVI already knows the importance of providing excellent customer care services. Their quality services is what has made provide ideal visa and immigration services in the UK. The Agency is more than committed when it comes to handling all support services to their clients. When you call the customer care number, you need to be aware that there will be a voice messaging system. When to the option during the phone call, it is important that you listen carefully. This will ensure that you are bale to follow the various instructions that are on the voice prompts.